Advanced-Vision Add Ons

Remote Control Panel
remote control panel
Recommended for all multi-cameras systems, this attractive, compact Remote Panel will allow manual control over cameras, floodlighting and video “event” recording from a fixed point in a property. An aud audible alarm, which can be switched off at any time, is emitted from the unit whenever a detection is made to alert of an intruder or visitor. these panels offer a tremendous amount of system flexibility allowing the main panel to be hidden away out of sight, usually at a central point, where cabling is easier to get to.
Audio Add-on Unit
Audio Add-on Unit

This great module adds sound to the system, picking up speech up to 20ft away. The control unit has 2 audio options:

  1. Only one unit is needed for the whole system and as the camera pictures switch, they “share” the common audio unit.
  2. One audio unit per camera is used and as the camera pictures switch so does the audio. Ideal for where cameras are in different locations only.
PIR Movement Detectors
PIR Movement Detector
Models for normal, long range or anti-pet detection. We offer a selected range of external detectors to allow automatic detection of a visitor/intruder on a property. Other PIRs can be used with the Advanced-Vision panel provided that they have a current consumption of less than 10ma (if more than 10ma, the PIRs require powering independently).
Wirefree Keyfob Kit
Wirefree Keyfob Kit
Consisting of a wirefree keyfob and a receiver unit, to control cameras and floodlighting. A simple wirefree keyfob can be used from anywhere in the property. Add extra control to the system with additional keyfobs at any time. The receiver unit is installed next to the control unit for a wirefree fitting. Range may be affected by some types of building construction.
Floodlight Control & Photocell
Floodlight Control Photocell

This consists of a Interface unit and a photocell for night only activations. The photocell supplied is desguised as a dummy camera, See below.

Complement the Advanced-Vision system with the added security of our floodlight interface. Attach up to 2KW of floodlights to the unit for maximum illumination as the camera pictures switch. Lighting can be activated from anywhere on the property using a keyfob control kit or the remote control panel. The unit will automatically trigger on PIR activation. Alternatively, you can use this unit to switch on internal lights or high powered external sirens for remote installations.

Video Control Module
Video Control Module
A compact module that does away with the need for hours & hours of pointless video recording. When a movement detector activates a camera, this unit can be set up to activate a standard VCR to record for up to 10 minutes. this converts a normal domestic VCR into an “event-only” VCR! It is even possible to hide a second VCR on the property for extra protection. This module also features a built-in buzzer to alert the property owner of an alarm activation even when the TV is switched off. The feature can be de-activated if desired.
Photocell/Dummy Camera
photocall / dummy cammera
An Advanced-Vision Camera housing but with no camera electronics. Dual purpose unit which acts as a dusk to dawn sensor or as a dummy Advanced-Vision camera. This unit can be purchased individually or is supplied free as part of our Floodlight Controller Kit above.
Intelligent Time & Date Unit
Intelligent Time and Date Unit
This useful module adds on-screen information to the system, identifying camera number, system status, GMT and the current date. With the above information displayed, any video recording taken is ideal for court use in the event where a break-in or vandalism is caught on camera. For use with the Control Unit only.